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Main Beach, Gold Coast

Oscar on Main

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Main Beach accommodation are generally found peppering the beachfront, boasting great views and are within walking distance of the popular dining strip of Tedder Avenue.

Once upon a time Main Beach was the central beachside location of the Gold Coast. Since then the area has since kept the name and is home to some of the most famous resorts you’ll find on the coast including Sea World Resort, Sheraton Grand Mirage and Palazzo Versace.

Main Beach accommodation remains popular and sought-after due to the perfect beach, ornately street-scaped waterfront, popular café districts, and culturally rich history.

If you want to dive deeper into what Main Beach can offer, check out our Destination Guides and Travel Tips or Call 1300 788 553.

Main Beach Weather

Originally the central beach hub of the Gold Coast, Main Beach still enjoys the beautiful weather that first gave it popularity.

Summers average high 20’s temperatures during the day with the nights not dropping below the 20’s. The water is perfect for swimming, surfing, and water fun of all kinds but be sure to slip, slop, and slap as the sun carries a bite!

Winter temperatures still sit in the 20’s during the day meaning beach visits are still enjoyable if you don’t mind slightly cooler water temperatures while nights promise clear skies and a dry climate.

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