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Games to Play in the Car: Car Games for Kids

Games to Play in the Car: Car Games for Kids

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Three kids in seat belts playing games on car trips.

Published: 07 Jul 2014

It’s getting towards that time of year again. The suitcases are packed, the kids are loaded in the car and it’s time to go on the annual family Christmas Holiday!

As a kid one of the fondest memories of the Christmas holidays was playing games in the car on the way to our usual holiday spot so I thought I’d share with you these fun games to play with the kids in the car these holidays (much more fun than just putting on a DVD or giving them a computer game to play).

Car cricket

There’s lots of different ways to play car cricket, this is how we played it as kids but we’d love to hear your version.

For each vehicle that passes on the other side of the road you get a certain number of runs:

Car: 1 run

Van or 4×4: 2 runs

Vehicle towing a trailer, caravan or boat or a small truck (no trailer): 4 runs

Semi trailer or Bus: 6 runs

Police car, fire truck or ambulance: 8 runs

The “batter” gets a certain time period to collect runs (10 minutes is a good time) or when a red car passes they’re out!

This game really only works on narrow roads (Highways make counting a bit tricky) and when you’re driving thru town it’s “tea break” till the open road begins again.

I’m going on holiday…

This one might be a little trickier for younger kids but is a great way to involve everyone in the car.

Someone starts by saying “I’m going on holiday and I’m taking a…” and then they pick something to take with them for example, a towel. The next person starts “I’m going on holiday and I’m taking a towel and a esky (or whatever they choose to take).

Each person has to add something to the holiday but remember all the items in the order they were added. If someone forgets an item they’re out, and the winner is the last person left.

The alphabet game

This one’s heaps of fun. You pick a topic, for example fruit, and you go thru the alphabet naming a fruit that starts with your letter, for example 1st person apple, 2nd person banana, 3rd person carrot and so on.

You can mix this one up and keep playing by simply changing the theme, some great ones examples are countries, animals and vegetables.

Do you have another game you like to play in the car? We’d love to hear about it, share it on our Facebook page here for all the Discover Queensland fans to play these holidays!

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