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Why DQ? Discover the DQ Difference.

Why DQ? Discover the DQ Difference.

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Published: 02 Sep 2013

When Discover Queensland was first started, we didn’t want to be yet another booking agent with just more of the same. So we asked ourselves: What will make DQ different? The answer came easily! We asked you, our future customers, what differences could a holiday booking service have and do to really blow your hair back!

Your answers became the DQ Difference! We’d like to share them with you:

1. Your very own Queensland holiday expert (free of charge!): Discover Queensland is the only online Queensland travel choice with its own “live” call centre service. This means when you call us you instantly get your very own personal holiday professional dedicated to guaranteeing you a fantastic Queensland holiday experience.

2. Unrivalled local knowledge: Our Call Centre staff know the beaches, bars, restaurants and resorts, hide-aways and highlights of Queensland like the back of their hand. Their local knowledge is the difference between a good time and a great time, a good place and a great place, a good experience and a memory-of-a-lifetime, “love you dq” experience!

3. Passionate, (and we really mean passionate!!) personal service: You won’t find anyone as passionate as us about turning your next Queensland holiday into the best holiday you ever, ever had. At the end of the day it’s not just the price, it’s the whole holiday experience. You can pretty much get any holiday online these days but the one thing you can’t get anywhere else is a passionate professional person dedicated to holding your hand every step of the way from booking to being there!

4. Unbeatable buying power: As part of LeisureCom, one of Australia’s leading online travel specialists, Discover Queensland has the buying power to bring you unbeatable holiday deals across every level of accommodation in the sunshine state. We negotiate directly on your behalf with Queensland’s top travel and accommodation providers to bring you the unparalleled prices and packages you see on this website.

5. The innovative edge: The custom-built software that drives our exclusive online offers is unrivalled in the travel industry for its intelligence, flexibility, efficiency and speed in bringing people, places, prices and possibilities together.

6. Unmatched experience: Behind every offer and opportunity you see on this site are 84 highly-trained, highly-knowledgeable, highly-experienced travel specialists with years of Queensland holiday experience behind them.

We are, and forever will be, at your service, ready to provide you with an experience, not just a booking! To find out how you can experience the DQ difference, visit our website:

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