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Relax and unwind in our Ipswich accommodation and enjoy Queensland’s oldest provincial city, just 45 minutes from Brisbane! Ipswich carries its old boy charisma through a peppering of beautiful and expansive parks and heritage charm mixed with a chic and modern city with plenty to do.

This quaint town is well known for its history and ornate architecture, the main street of Ipswich, Brisbane Street, boasts the longest frontages of early colonial buildings!

The lesser known side to this region is the sophisticated shopping district, Top of the Town crammed full of cafes, tapas and wine bars, and restaurants all with great atmosphere.

If you have an adventurous streak your stay in Ipswich should include a trip to Denmark Conservation Park which sits atop a network of abandoned mining tunnels and boasts a plethora of walking tracks.

Other things to do while enjoying your stay in Ipswich include visiting the nature centre and museum, the free mini wildlife zoo, the Ipswich Art Gallery, the basilica and Blackstone Castle, and catching a show at the Ipswich Little Theatre designed by famed Walter Burley Griffon.

With so much to see and do (and eat) choosing your Ipswich accommodation shouldn’t be a hassle, simply talk to the Queensland Holiday Experts on 1300 788 553 to get the best deal on your next stay.

Ipswich Weather

Situated approximately 45 kilometres west of Brisbane, Ipswich enjoys a sub-tropical climate that is just slightly cooler than Brisbane.

Ipswich weather is characterised by hot summers and mild to warm winters with cool night temperatures.

Holidaying in Ipswich is enjoyable year round, with casual clothes easily worn in both summer and winter, with just a light jacket needed in the cooler months.

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