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Carrara Accommodation

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Carrara is a colourful, event laden suburb famous for Australia’s largest and most popular markets, three large golf courses, a host of Carrara accommodation, and the Metricon Stadium – home of the Gold Coast Football Club or ‘the Suns’ as they are affectionately referred to.

The Carrara markets have become more popular than the suburb itself boasting a massive 400 stalls offering everything one could desire from fresh produce, homewares, fashion to arcade games, horse riding and more. The best part is entry is free!

Known as “Long Flat” to the local aboriginals, Carrara’s natural landscape makes it the perfect setting for golf. You’ll find Palm Meadows, Emerald Lakes and Carrara Gardens Golf Course making this location perfect for golf lovers.

Book your Carrara accommodation close to the Metricon Stadium to catch a Suns game or two. The stadium often hosts other big sporting events either in the stadium or the indoor sports centre situated next door.

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Carrara Events

Carrara Markets

26 Jun 15 - 24 Jun 30

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Carrara Weather

Carrara is famous for the eclectic markets, Metricon Sports Stadium, and three golf courses, however, it is the lovely Carrara weather that makes these Gold Coast icons truly shine.

Summer from December to February is a beautiful time to visit Carrara as it is mid-summer and the humidity is high but combatted nicely by frequent cool sea breezes.

Autumn from March to May boasts sunny days and warm nights perfect for fishing and sailing, while winter is still sunny but dryer as there is less rain. Spring is a beautiful time of year similar to Autumn that can be relied upon for sunny days and mild tropical evenings.

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