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Hinterland, Gold Coast

Pethers Rainforest Retreat

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Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation whisks guests away to the tranquil and naturally stunning surrounds of the rainforest and allows you to create your own perfect escape.

Spend your holiday hiking through rainforest, swimming in secret waterholes and dining at amazing restaurants with creations made from local produce.

As well as natural wonders, the destination has much to offer in the way of charming mountain villages, heritage experiences, art galleries, markets, antique and boutique stores, day spas, and wineries.

You can come to the Gold Coast Hinterland and spent an entire holiday on a winery tour, chasing waterfalls, falling in love with food, discovering new villages or a little of each. From the moment you lay your eyes upon the undulating forest and absolute serenity you will be mesmerized and feel instantly relaxed.

Book your Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation getaway with the holiday experts at Discover Queensland on 1300 788 553.

Gold Coast Hinterland Weather

Gold Coast Hinterland weather consists of beautiful subtropical days and warm nights perfect for food and wine tours, nature walks, and romantic dinners enjoying the spectacular views.

Temperatures in winter reach a maximum of 18 degrees, with clear skies and dry air meaning cool nights with little rainfall.

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