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Daydream Island, Whitsundays

Daydream Island Resort

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Daydream Island accommodation is made up of one spectacular resort that has been reborn following an extensive $100 million redevelopment. Opening late 2018, the new and improved resort is set to become the pinnacle of tropical havens for romantic interludes, family escapes, and ladies trips!

On Daydream you’ll find the world’s largest living reef, complete with sharks, marine fish and a myriad of coral species intertwining its way through the resort grounds.

To see the real deal, the Great Barrier Reef can be explored by diving or snorkelling, or you can stay dry and enjoy a glass bottom boat ride or island cruise. On the island there is plenty to do from catamaran sailing and paddle boarding to soaking up the Whitsundays sunshine on one of the three white sand beaches (our favourite is lovers cove!). Enjoy a short, but enjoyable rainforest walk, or relax with cocktails by the incredible resort pools!

Daydream Island accommodation has long been in demand as the island offers a unique Whitsundays experience! Following its redevelopment, it’s only getting better. Talk to our travel experts at Discover Queensland on 1300 788 553 to organise your next island adventure!

Daydream Island Weather

Daydream Island weather sports a year round tropical glow that lends itself to beach-side holidays.

With hot summers and warm winters, Daydream Island weather averages 27 degrees annually making it the perfect destination at any time of year for an island escape. Meaning no matter when you book your Daydream Island holiday the weather will support the free kayaks, catamarans, and stand up paddle boarding on offer.

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