Summer Solstice Event, Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves Summer Solstice Event - Beautiful light shining through the cave | Discover Queensland

Date: December through to January 

Price: $16 - $80 (For Children through to Family Passes to Capricorn Caves)

Location: Capricorn Caves, 30 Olsens Caves Road, The Caves, Queensland 4702

The Summer Solstice is the moment where the Earth's tilt towards the sun is at is maximum. This event occurs twice a year - once in December/January in the Southern Hemisphere and once in June in the Northern Hemisphere. 

One of the most amazing places to experience The Summer Solstice Light Spectacle is in the Capricorn Caves, located in the north of Rockhampton which create a spectacular natural setting for the exceptional event.

This dazzling natural light display occurs due to a unique phenomenon. The alignment of the sun over the Tropic of Capricorn allows sunlight to penetrate the Caves of Capricorn, specifically the Belfry Cave via a 14 metre long shaft.

The effect is magical. The sunlight dances across the caves below, illuminating the walls through the darkness. The event is a popular time for both weddings and proposals.

Organise your special trip to the Summer Solstice Event with the very best accommodation on the market, speak to the experts at Discover Queensland on 1300 788 553. 

Event Summary

Event Name: Summer Solstice Event, Capricorn Caves
Start Date: 01 December 2018
End Date: 31 January 2019
Accommodation Hotline: 1300 788 553
Accommodation Deals: Hot Deals

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