Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Binna Burra Lodge is completely engulfed in the ancient rainforests of the Gold Coast hinterland’s Lamington National Park, making it a unique and spectacular place to visit and stay. Here you can explore natural wonders, have an adventure, simply relax and unwind, and reconnect with loved ones without any distractions.

There are a huge range of things to do staying at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Once you’ve made it through our list, give us a call on 1300 788 553 to book your next holiday here! For more inspiration check out our article on Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Binna Burra Lodge.   

Bushwalking and Hiking

This is an obvious option, but it’s incredibly popular. Situated 800 meters above sea level the scenery is characterised by rugged mountainous forest, dive deeper into the forest and you will be rewarded with caves and fern gullies, crystal clear waterfalls, pristine swimming holes, breathtaking look outs and plenty of wildlife spotting!

There are over 160 kilometres of walking tracks to chose from, so you can select your own difficulty, distance, and even scenery.

Massage and Spa

Whether you are recovering from a particularly long hike or zip lining adventure or just want to ease into your holiday, a treatment at Bliss Massage is the perfect way to soak up the rainforest atmosphere and unwind.


Start your day with a 1 hour Hatha Yoga session every Saturday and Sunday morning. No previous experience necessary and beginners are encouraged to give it a go! When in Rome. Or when in the rainforest.


Being nestled in a rainforest means everything you’d normally do on a holiday is made 10 times better as it’s comes with a beautiful view. That includes dining. Clifftop Dining Room at the lodge is open for breakfast and dinner daily with a dinner bell to inform guests that dining has commenced! The Lamington Teahouse is a quaint little café offering casual dining throughout the day along with the standard incredible views. This is also where you’ll find a small variety of groceries. Finally there are plenty of BBQ facilities with BBQ packs available at reception!
Breakfast with a View | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram | Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland | Global ExplorerBreakfast with a View | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram

Adventure Activities


Try your hand at the adrenalin pumping action of abseiling at Binna Burra. Rappel down 10 metres of volcanic escarpment before moving onto the 40 meter or 90 meter cliff faces! The 10 and 40 meter challenges include morning tea, while you are rewarded with a full lunch for daring to try the 90 meter abseil!
Abseiling | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram | Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland | Global ExplorerAbseiling | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram

Flying Fox

At Bellbird clearing you will find the resort’s very own flying fox! Once you strap yourself into the safety harness you can set sail across the rainforest treetops for 165 meters of  flying fox!


Why not give one of the oldest sports in the world a try? This medieval activity is great for all ages and takes place rain, hail or shine! (Reads: the targets can be moved indoors where necessary so it’s great all weather activity).

Wild Walks

If you are looking for a unique and challenging activity in the rainforest, a guided tour off the beaten path is for you! 1 or 2 day hikes are taken by the eco experts who guide a maximum group of 10 people through the much less travelled parts of Lamington!
Wild Walks | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram | Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland | Global ExplorerWild Walks | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram


This thought sport is a fantastic way to see Binna Burra and test your navigation and negioation skills as you found your route around the resort
Orienteering | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram | Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland | Global ExplorerOrienteering | Image by @binnaburralodge via instagram

Activities Just For Kids

As well as most of the above activities, the little people have their own fun things to do at Binna Burra!

Echidna Club

Echidna Club is hosted by the resort Eco Guides and involves archery, bush craft, lunch and more for children 6 – 12 years old.

Adventure Playground

Based at the lodge, this exciting and natural playground allows kids to learn about the environment while interpreting the signage and manoeuvring through the nutrients maze. There’s even a mini flying fox.

Camp Fire Nights

Evenings are for campfires, marsh mellows and stories!

Spotlight Walks

These night time walks focus on discovering the nocturnal animals of Lamington National Park!
Enjoy the Serenity

Everything is just more beautiful at Binna Burra. The air is cleaner, the trees are greener, and the views are certainly better. Time seems to just stop, there are no back ground noises, giving you the chance to spend quality time with those you love the most. There is no better place to reconnect with loved ones.
Resort View | Image by @ncimage via instagram | Things to do at Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland | Global ExplorerResort View | Image by @ncimage via instagram

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