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Discover your Heron Island accommodation

Heron Island Accommodation

Heron Island, Capricorn Coast

Heron Island

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Heron Island accommodation can be found at the sole hotel on the island, Heron Island Resort.

This incredible island boasts a Great Barrier Reef experience like no other with the wonders of the reef right there off the beach! The crystal powder blue waters surrounding the island display the myriad of vibrant coral and tropical fish like a beautiful jewellery box.

All this impressive scenery makes Heron Island the perfect place for divers, swimmers, those who love to snorkel, and people simply wanting some time out on a pristine and secluded beach. Heron Island is for guests only, with no day trippers allowed as conservation efforts and guest privacy are priorities here.

Sitting atop the World Heritage Listed marine park, Heron island is home to several nesting spots for loggerhead and green turtles who return each year to lay their eggs. This incredible phenomenon has nature lovers, researchers, and intrigued guests travelling from near and far to experience.  

To escape to island paradise, speak to our team at Discover Queensland on 1300 788 553 for the best deal on Heron island accommodation.

Heron Island Weather

Heron Island weather is tropical year round enjoying an average annual temperature of approximately 27 degrees.

This beautifully temperate climate lends itself to family island escapes; no matter what time of year you book your Heron Island holiday the weather will boast sunshine, warm waters, and crisp sea breezes.

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