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South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast

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South Stradbroke Island Accommodation puts you squarely on the gem of Moreton Bay! The world’s second largest sand island is one of the most naturally stunning destinations in Queensland. It boasts kilometres of pristine beaches spread across both calm waters and tumbling surf beaches, a peppering of inland lakes, walking tracks galore, and a surprising variety of restaurants!

The destination is the perfect escape from the daily grind, South Stradbroke island is within easy reach of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, making it a popular holiday spot. Despite this popularity it has retained its untouched ambience and you can always find a secluded slice of beach.

Speak to our team of holiday experts to book your South Stradbroke Island accommodation, we can even help with transfers!  If you want to dive deeper into what the Broadwater can offer, check out our Destination Guides and Travel Tips or Call 1300 788 553.

Stradbroke Island Weather

Stradbroke Island is blessed with beautiful weather nearly year-round. The island boasts a sub-tropical climate that will have locals forgiving you for thinking you are much further north.

Winter is dry season so there will be little rain and temperatures sit in the low 20’s with nights getting cooler again.

Summer brings day temperatures in the high 20’s and low 30’s and chances of rain in the mornings and evenings, however, showers tend not to last very long.

You will always see a few brave souls swimming in winter, however it is much more pleasant in the warmer months with the average water temp in the low 20’s.

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