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Fitzroy Island, Tropical North

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Fitzroy Island Accommodation is nestled amidst tropical island paradise enveloped in a colour explosion of vibrant blue sea and luscious rainforest sitting atop the Great Barrier Reef!

This picturesque setting is home to the Fitzroy Island Resort, the island’s only accommodation, framed by calm coral shell beaches sheltered by the fringing reef surrounding the island.

The island is the perfect base for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, glass bottom boat trips, and reef cruises. One of the best snorkelling spots is Nudey Beach which won #1 Australia's Best Beach, but don’t get any ideas, clothing is not optional!

As well as water activities you’ll also find plenty of things to do on Fitzroy Island such as visiting Foxy’s Bar to relax, enjoy a drink and soak up the tropical vibes or enjoy a rainforest walk on either the Secret Garden walk or the Lighthouse & Summit Trail adventures.

Fitzroy Island accommodation promises an entirely unique holiday experience. Book your escape with Discover Queensland on 1300 788 553 today.

Fitzroy Island Weather

Fitzroy Island weather is ideal for holidaying year-round; gentle sea breezes, clear skies, and an unwavering temperate climate makes this a destination in demand.

Unlike other Queensland towns Fitzroy Island has just two seasons – wet and dry. Summer is your wet season, boasting warm weather, fantastic swimming conditions and occasional rainfall in the mornings and evenings.

Winter is dry season, which is a great time of year to visit as it is perfectly sunny with great water temperatures and barely any rain.

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