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Lizard Island, Tropical North

Lizard Island Resort

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A secluded slice of heaven, Lizard Island accommodation can be found on the northern most of the Great Barrier Reef islands and is special treat reserved for fortunate few guests.

Only one accommodation option adorns Lizard Island, which is the all-inclusive, 5 star, Lizard Island Resort. The experience promises incredible facilities, lavish rooms, all your dining, and uninterrupted access to your choice of 24 white sand beaches and the majestic reef. It’s no wonder the resort is in high demand as one of the world’s top 10 hotels, and has been for a decade.

Due to its unique location tucked amidst one of the seven natural wonders of the world, those enjoying Lizard Island accommodation are in prime position to scuba dive, snorkel, enjoy deep sea fishing, and cruises!

This indulgent escape is the perfect place to relax, and you have several options to do this! You’ll find a range of natural Australian spa treatments, or perhaps your treatment of choice is a picnic on a private beach with wine? The options are endless, and the choice is yours.

Speak to the holiday experts at Discover Queensland to book your Lizard Island accommodation on 1300 788 553.

Lizard Island Weather

Lizard Island weather boasts an average annual temperature of 27 degrees making it an amazing year-round holiday destination.

This tropical island caters to a relaxing holiday where guests can wear light casual clothes (or just swimmers) while spending their days in the water, or sipping cocktails by the pool or beach, or exploring the stunning island.

Maximum temperatures do not vary greatly on Lizard Island throughout the year with the main climatic difference being wet (summer) and dry (winter) seasons.

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