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4 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Holiday

Queensland is naturally gifted with magnificent coastline, stunning hinterland, and incredible outback escapes, in fact, Queensland will have you mesmerised in a heart-beat it has so much to offer! To help you explore, discover, and enjoy as much of it as you can, we’ve put together our Top 4 Money Saving Tips to get you on your next holiday.

Plan Ahead - 4 Money Saving Tips to get you on Holidays - Discover Queensland

Plan ahead!

Deciding what type of holiday you want will make the budgeting process a whole lot easier!  Family focused with theme park visits or 5 star luxury with cocktails by the pool? It may seem difficult to begin with, but it helps build enthusiasm towards your trip and will keep you on track when putting aside a small amount of money each month towards your escape! 

For Adventures - Money Saving Tips to get you on Holidays - Discover Queensland

Expect the unexpected!

Naturally everyone can get carried away on holiday with all the exciting new restaurants, gorgeous shops, historical museums, and exotic excursions to choose from and YES you should... but choose your activities in advance, this way you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about the extra costs!

Save Separately - 4 Money Saving Tips to get you on holidays - Discover Queensland

Save Separately

Create a new account and automatically put aside some money towards your trip. Even if it is just $50 a week, every dollar saved adds to the incredible vacation you want! Plus that removes the temptation to use it on those extra grocery items, or new dress you’ve been eyeing off.

Don't Skip the Holiday - 4 Money Saving Tips to get you on Holidays - Discover Queensland

Don’t skip the holiday completely!

Getaway’s close to home are just as memorable as those further away and still give you the chance to unwind.  Hit the road for a weekend away and enjoy a trip with your family and loved ones with less expense but just as much fun and just as many beautiful memories!

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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Mantra Towers of Chevron

Mantra Towers of Chevron has redefined the level of luxury and contemporary Surfers Paradise holiday lifestyle. The three majestic towers rise to a height of 50 levels, dominating the skyline and the famed international Surfers Paradise beach is only a short walk away.

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