Top Tips For Travelling With Kids

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids | Discover Queensland Top Tips For Travelling With Kids | Explain the Holiday - Have a discussion with your Kids | Discover Queensland
Discover Queensland and family travel are intrinsically linked – we love providing fantastic experiences to Australian families. From the intense bonding, to stories you live that weave their way into your family history, to the wide-eyed learning your kids enjoy.

To make your next family holiday more enjoyable we’ve put together our list of top tips to travelling with kids!
  1. Explain the Holiday to the Kids
Before you leave set aside some time to discuss the holiday with your little ones. From the time in the car (3 pepper pig episodes) to the airport process from checking in to bag drop and security.
These short and easy conversations will go a long way later in quelling the ‘are we there yet’ and ‘why are we waiting’ questions later.

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids | Explain the Holiday - Have a discussion with your Kids | Discover Queensland

  1. Label and Track the Kids
This tip sounds a bit strange, but for those with small children that have just become locomotive to interested youngsters that love to wander crowds can be daunting. We love GPS watches for this reason. Most come with preset phone numbers (Mum and Dad) and an emergency button as well as tracking. Otherwise an old favourite is simply writing your name and mobile number on your little one’s arm.
  1. Pack Snacks and Treats
This tip can never be taken seriously enough, and we’re not just thinking about tiny teddies. Toy cars, small colouring books even Mc Donald’s toys, any small rewards for good behaviour while travelling or even during the holiday help keep the peace but also make the experience special. Be sure you don’t tell the kids before hand too!
  1. Avoid Packing Your Itinerary
We’ve all made this mistake – wanting to pack too much into a day. Pick your must-do activities, 1 to 2 per day and leave the rest of the time for impromptu experiences, naps, good food and adventure. It gives you the freedom to say no to long lines, packed venues and choose something else.

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids | Discover Queensland

  1. Set a Travel Project
Giving your kids a goal for the holiday will give them something to be excited about and to focus on. A travel diary that has them sketching, writing, or taking photos each day helps them engage in their holiday as well as recount it later to help them remember their experiences.
  1. Get Everyone Excited
Talk about the holiday with your family. Show them the map, where your accommodation is, points of interest, where you want to go and take them. (This can work on your husband or partner too!)
If you would like help organising your holiday, there’s no one better to speak with than our Discover Queensland travel experts! Call now on 1300 788 553.            

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